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Ancestor Veneration Course
"Honor your roots so that your tree will bear fruits."- A.S.

Many people ask me-


️"How are you able to travel so much?" 


️"How were you able to travel the world for a year without a 9-5?


 The answer is simple. I have always honored my ancestors.

I acknowledge my roots so that my tree can bear fruits.

I have developed relationships with my ancestors, and you can too!


Growing up, my mother would take my brothers and me to the graves of our ancestors at night to pour libations. Mama would sing a song about her grandmother (the neighborhood herbalist) as if she was sitting in front of her. 


“I miss the way you tucked me in bed. 

I miss the way you massaged my head.

I miss your sweet, sweet love you had for me

And everyone in the family

Oh, Eva!” - CSWT


By honoring your ancestors- keyword honoring, not worshiping- you also honor yourself and everyone who paved the way for you. I have always thought that death is not an end. It’s a beginning. Humans become so much more powerful after the transition. 


My ancestors opened doors for me and protected me in ways I could never imagine. I don’t believe in retaliation or casting spells to hurt those who have hurt me. I let my ancestors handle all of that. Anyone who crossed me got their derriére handed to them, and I didn't have to lift a finger. 


Are you ready to live the life of your dreams?


Are you ready for more love, peace, and abundance?


Fill out the form below and let's begin! Class starts on October 17, 2022


Elatche! Alafia!

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